Empire Earth II

Real-time game in the Civil and European Wars


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  • Category Strategy
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version Demo 1.1
  • Size 213.16 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rockstar Games

Build an empire and destroy anyone standing in your way.

With Empire Earth II, you start in the caveman era and research your way through to become a highly sophisticated and technological race. All the while, your enemies are doing the same. You can destroy them as you grow your village, or you can wait until you hold the technological edge and destroy them with a few ultra-fast air fighters. Beware that whilst you are growing, so are your enemies, and they may decide to pull off a daring raid on your village and deal a crippling blow to your defences and your evolution as a race.

What’s Great About It?

It feels like a watered down version of the Command and Conquer games when it comes to combat, and feels like an Age of Empires game when it comes to your village management. It has research in it like the Civilization games, and you can dominate a map like a Total War game.

Where Does The Game Fall Down?

The graphics are pretty poor in comparison to many other more-recent games, but there are far worse out there. Where it falls down the most is probably the diplomacy side of the game. They should have taken the more detailed route that the Civilization games followed. It is also the sort of game where you can gather a big army and move them to your enemy base to win the game without any real tactics other than maybe becoming more advanced technologically.

It Is Barrels Of Fun Trying To Be The Most Advanced

There are few games besides the Civilization games where you are able to develop so massively from a small and primitive race to one that actually advances beyond the modern age to an era we haven’t yet arrived at.

Trying to race to gather resources and become the most advanced race can be a lot of fun. Others may find the idea of building a large group of warriors rather thrilling and may decide to deal a deadly blow to their enemies earlier in the game. How you grow your village and advance your empire is up to you.


  • Research your way from cavemen to futuristic beings
  • Build massive armies and descend upon your enemies
  • Gather resources, farm, and build
  • Managing your village is fairly easy and efficient
  • Lots of different units and building diversity
  • Still holds up against other games of its era


  • The graphics could use tightening up
  • You can cheat by gathering a large force without using tactics
  • There is little to play for once all races reach the peak of technology
  • After around 20 hours you start to miss a solid diplomacy feature
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